Friday, 29 March 2013

Three candles.

I light a candle for the past.
For all that has been, that made me what I am today.
For those I love and have lost, gone but within reach, within my mind.
For humanity’s lessons, waiting to be picked up, dusted off and learnt from.
For courage, to look at all that was then, which is the only way into an untethered now.

I light a candle for the present.
For all that I have and am and do and feel, for these are my blessings.
For those around me, because they are a part of me, and I of them.
For humanity’s questions, and that I may never stop seeking answers.
For love, that I may touch everything with kindness and respect,
and so find myself in a gentler tomorrow.

I light a candle for the future.
For forgiveness from the children yet unborn, for the wrongs I may not have righted.
For time to make amends, and to make the most of what is left.
For strength to live fully, so that I can die without regret.
For hope, that I will live forever in a memory.

3-6 pm, 29 March 2013

(edited 16 April 2014)