Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amazing moths.

Not the most creative headline, I realise. And, as you scroll down
to see, not the greatest photography, either. But what IS amazing
is the Creator of these little wonders.

These are all moths that I've found just lying around my
building - most were alive, but even the dead one was so
beautiful I had to take pictures. Sorry for the sad quality of
my photos, I shot them with the camera on my phone. Perhaps
later I will try sketching/painting these, and share that with you.

Why was this Sphinx Moth waiting for me at the top of the stairs? It's a mystery.

Beautiful and pure ..

.. but, alas, dead, which is why I could turn her over for this shot.
She was on the landing when I came in from drying laundry on the terrace.

I nudged her off the stair so she wouldn't get stepped on by a less observant neighbour, and she flew off to a safer spot, displaying her pretty petticoats
A Fruit-Piercing Moth at my front door. Literally. No doubt trying to get at my strawberries.
P.S. Can anyone identify these moths for me?

Moth #1 might be an Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii) or Sphinx Moth.
Moth #2 Asota egens? Or asota caricae, a type of Tiger Moth. Likes papaya.
Moth #3 no idea
Moth #4 Fruit Piercing Moth

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Barb Schanel said...

Beautiful indeed!