Monday, 1 August 2011

Let him see you cry.

(For E.)

Let him see you cry.
He is a baby. He knows something about crying, already.
He will understand.
That you are cold and wet and alone.
That you hunger for something to fill the emptiness.
That you need a hug.
That you need him to love you.

Let him see you cry.
He is your son. He looks to you for answers
To questions he can’t yet ask.
He feels their absence too.
He senses your grief.
He watches both your sorrow and your strength
And sees how to become a man.

Let him see you cry.
He is not too young to learn what it is to be human.
Your tears teach him.
That it takes courage to show vulnerability.
That deep pain is only created by deep love.
That love is what matters.
That love is what lasts.


Safire said...

Just beautiful. I can really relate to this.

C.J. said...

Wow! It made me think. Esp with all the stuff I've been going thru lately. It's beautiful!

Melanie said...

Nice Blog

Becca said...

thats really wonderful, and I'm super cynical