Friday, 19 August 2011

I doodled all the day.

And it wasn't easy, because drawing is what 
gives me the most pleasure (more than writing, even) 
and yet I always feel guilty about how "useless" it is. 
I know, I know, is the Mona Lisa useless, is 
the Taj Mahal? Have heard all that before, 
but it doesn't stop me from feeling guilty that 
I wasn't doing something more useful for humanity. 
It's the old I-must-save-the-world mentality, and yes, 
I do realise it's quite mental, but there it is. No advice 
required, I already give myself PLENTY on this topic.

Besides, guilt nonwithstanding, I did manage 

to allow myself the pleasure of a long doodling 
session with lots of twiddly details and colouring-in 
of white space. I was inspired by an old school friend 
who has a wonderful page on Facebook, The SuRealist, 
where she posts time-lapse clips of her doodles and lino cuts. 
(Go there and Like it!)

It was fun. And even better: it was useful! It cleared 

my mind of all the static that usually clutters me up 
(I'm assuming the clutter transformed and translated 
into all the squiggly bits I drew) and it made me happier 
and lighter. I suppose it was therapeutic but that sounds 
so clinical, so I'd rather just say that it just gave me joy, 
and that's a pretty useful thing to get these days.

P.S. Yes, those are elephants and no, those aren't teeth, 

they're piano keys.


thesurealist said...

I totally got your piano keys :) This is such an amazing doodle, really hope you do many many more xxx

Lunar Hine said...

I think it's a lot easier to save the world when you're full of joy. Superheroes are never grumpy or depressed. Lovely artwork.

indium said...

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ceramic tile said...

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Arpita said...

Lovely :)

raeez said...

It's amazing.

Portrait Photography Melbourne said...

Very cute! I liked this blog.

David Mark Williams - Poet said...

Loved your artwork. So intricate and colourful and intelligent!

JMH said...

Send me a freakin' postcard with that on it. That would make make my day.

Unknown said...

hey nazu, this is beautiful. absolutely beautiful!

the kitchen table journalist said...

I love this. I write and I get that guilt thing about saving the world eating at me sometimes. It's a habit that I'm working at breaking. We can't save the world. Even the people who claim to run the world can't save it...Frankly we are doing a hell of a job of destroying it though. But, it's not my responsibility to fix that. Love your picture. Wish I could draw. Can't wait to see more of your work.

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

ktj, your wish has been granted! In fact, it was granted years and years ago. Didn't you draw in kindergarten? I bet you still can.The problem with growing up is that we start thinking that there's a certain WAY to draw. Kids know that there isn't.

amanda said...

you have real talent as an artist. hope you post more.

Brooke said...

This is so great, not only did it inspire joy in you but it also inspires joy in me. Don't give up on doodling :D