Monday, 29 September 2008

DEAR ME: "Fools and puppets ..

Here's another poem I wrote around 1993 .. though I keep using the word "you" I suspect it was really addressed to myself. This was around when I started getting jaded with all the glamour and fun of the advertising world, perhaps when the seed was sown for me to get out of that career and into the life I lead now?

Fools and puppets,
junkies and whores,
peddling your souls away
on oil-soaked shores.

There's more to life than what you think.
There's more to life than 'me'.
There's more than what's between your legs,
but it's nothing you'd care to see.

One day your bank account will close.
Someone else will be sleeping in your bed.
One day it will all have meant nothing
and all you will be is dead.

There's a love you would never have dreamed of.
There's a kindness you never may show.
There's strength for your fears and peace for your pain.
There's a man on the cross makes it so.

(written in 1993)

I wonder if that last verse should just be a separate poem.


Jayashree said...

I love the rhythm in the first stanza. I can identify with the theme in this poem. But, maybe you're demonising yourself? I don't know.

The last stanza can also stand on its own. It's beautiful.

I would love to show yousome of my works. Would you like to share emails?

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Hello imaginary invalid .. i rushed off to see your intriguingly named blog but found there were no posts! Start posting! Be brave! Get your words out there floating around the world wide web.

I'm pretty terrible with emails .. tend to take a month to reply but I do religiously visit and attend to my Facebook mail! Visit me there if you like!