Wednesday, 10 September 2008


This poem is how I wanted to be.

Beauty without function is not beauty.

Her mouth is beautiful when she smiles at a child
and speaks tenderly to an old man.

Her hands are beautiful when she touches souls.

Her eyes are beautiful.

With them she sees each shade of a sunset
and the perfect symmetry of a flower at the roadside.

Her eyes are beautiful when she cries someone else's tears.

Her ears are beautiful.

With them she hears symphonies in the wind,
and music in a wristful of bangles.

Her ears are beautiful when she stops to listen
to what no one else wants to hear.

Her body is beautiful
when she forgets
that it is so.

(written in 1991? 1992?)

Reading this today, I think, just maybe, I turned out beautiful after all.


Iris said...

This is lovely writing on Beauty!

Anonymous said...

nice poem ! :)

Anonymous said...

what a lovely piece of poetry..!!..Please carry on..need more like this "beauty" .....!

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Hi Lorenza, It takes some work but doesn't require any specialised computer training and you don't HAVE to know html. I like using blogger cos it's quite easy but I guess any blogging site will be easy once you get used to it. Maybe I will write some tips about blogging from what I've learned, as you're not the first to ask me this. I love how it connects the world and am happy to share. For a blog like mine, ideally I should be spending a couple of hours a day on it, but I don't often do that.

Shivani Singh said...

Aaah truly written all that should be about beauty. Alas!
That's the way it should be but what's happening to beauty...