Friday, 11 July 2008

Return of the Living Clown.

Yes, Gladys is back from limbo! In addition to moving back to my own home yesterday (I spent the past three months at my parents' house when my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer) I also started clowning again this morning.
It was a lot like old times - Gladys and Mamu at St. Philomena's. Mamu's been going regularly and has added lots to his repertoire - magic tricks, new dances and jokes - and also rattles on quite admirably in Tamil! (Kishore is actually a North Indian - Sindhi).

Gladys has been through some changes (I hope for the better) and is quieter this time around. She also wears less make-up and looks, well, though I say it myself, incredibly sweet. She is also clearly a little girl. Six years old, in fact, as she informed one of the patients.

I suppose this means I have put my inner child to work. Is this child labour?? Oh dear. I won't tell if you won't!

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