Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Snape fanfic: Just Plain Luna

Delightful fanfic by The Treacle Tart, written in 2006, supposedly post-DH .. The full title is Implausible, Irrational And Just Plain Luna .. Snape is in Azkaban, but rescued by a now adult Luna Lovegood and taken to a world that only Luna could have conjured.

"Everything looked like it was made of marshmallow, gooey marshmallow. Worst of all, everything was unnaturally pink. In the midst of it all stood Severus Snape in all his black-cloaked glory, standing out like a mortician in a three-ring circus."

And this ..

"She slid her small hand into his and gently guided him back outside. Against his better judgment he allowed her to do so, partly because he truly felt he had no choice, and he hadn't the strength to fight her or this place any longer, but also partly because he liked the way her hand fit in his. It had been decades since someone held his hand."

Oh .. my heart wrings a bit every time I read that. Really, JKR, couldn't you have been just a bit nicer to him?? Well, never mind .. fortunately we have all these fan-ficcers giving Snape the lives and loves he deserves. Er .. sometimes a bit MORE than he deserves .. but you shan't be seeing any of THOSE links here as some of my friends who read this blog are innocent schoolgirls.

Well, schoolgirls, at any rate.

So you won't find any pornography here. Perhaps just a kiss or two. And Treacle Tart obliges in this fanfic and makes me wish I was Luna (instead of just plain lunatic).

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