Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The prodigal clown.

Yes, Gladys is back. (Or will be, soon). Clearly I am not just clown, poet, warrior .. I am also drama queen.

So after all the melodrama and fond farewells to Gladys I have discovered that my vocal chords are going to heal after all, and that with some exercise and self-restraint, I will once again be able to fill the air with that delectably shrill Cockney accent!

For the moment, though, my voice is far from alright, and every phone conversation leaves me feeling as though I have peanuts stuck in my throat. So I still have to be careful, and have to do that silent thing at least two days every week, but at least I know that Gladys will soon be back from having tea with the Queen (which is what I tell anyone who asks where she's disappeared to).

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