Monday, 19 March 2007

Juggling careers.

Organise! Routine! Schedule! Discipline! These are lovely words, that, sadly, do not seem to be part of my life at the moment. I now have three jobs: clown, poet, warrior. And juggling my three loves is not that easy. But unlike the juggling balls that I drop (rather frequently) I have no intention of dropping any of my three lines of work.

This is a dream come true. But I wish there were more hours in the day. I often don't have the time to set aside for juggling practice or learning a new lullaby to sing little sick babies to sleep. The past three days I have not had the chance to do ANYthing remotely clownlike. Not even time to iron my newest pair of 2XXL baggy clown pants.

My writing, what I - and most other people who know me - consider to be my greatest gift - has moved to the back burner. Although I know that my unwritten words die with me, there is more immediate action needed on the clowning and of course on my activism work.

This is my most difficult job. And the Askios Projects are already several jobs rolled into one. But fighting in the holy war against child abuse is, well, just that: holy. I signed up for lifetime membership, and I know that I am going to leave this world a better place by the time I'm finished. It's like the old fable about the mouse with the great idea: it doesn't work unless someone's willing to bell the cat. And I decided a long time ago that I would bell the cat.

So I shan't complain. "Clown, Poet, Warrior" looks good on my visiting card and it really does sum me up. Fragmented as I am, the mosaic I form is pretty damn good. (Hmm .. I wonder if there's a Haiku Noodle in that last sentence? We shall just have to wait and see.)

Tomorrow I shall put on my Clown hat. Yes, both literally and figuratively. Gladys the Clown will come out and lift many loads off my shoulders, turn them into little sparkly bits of fluff that fly off with every giggle. Sure, there will be new loads waiting in my Inbox later, but there will also be more clown days, and it will all balance out. That's the beauty of my mosaic.

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