Thursday, 4 December 2014

Not a peaceful thing.

Truth is not a peaceful thing.
Truth can be unkind.
I wish it was a made-up thing
I made up in my mind.

But truth is laws that can't be broke
and truth is oh, so not a joke.
Truth like love goes deep inside
and changes you forever.

It's worth, they say, a love that's lost,
but knowing comes at such a cost.
It breaks your heart and frees your mind.
It's easier to stay blind.

Truth is not a peaceful thing.
It tears apart my myths.
But I choose freedom over peace,
reality over bliss.

1 comment:

Shivani Singh said...

Wish i could say this to all those women i saw beneath those veils hanging till their chests. i kept wondering as i looked and looked have they ever seen the clarity of it all...with brand new eyes.
Have they ever felt the feel of breeze on their free faces...
And then i saw some of them laughing beneath those veils...privately chatting amongst themselves and then i thought. Yeah ignorance is bliss.
Now i am reading urs and thinking what would i this world as a woman to be. Blissful or reality...