Monday, 24 December 2012

Why I love Jesus.

As a Muslim, Jesus is one of my God's prophets. He is not my Lord, my Savior or my King, although I am quite content to sing those words in Christmas carols. But what Jesus is to me on a very personal level is my teacher, my mentor and my friend.

Some would assume that it is my years in a Protestant boarding school, where I often attended chapel with my friends, and church on Sunday (although I must confess that the only reason for the latter was for a chance to get a glimpse of my boyfriend and smile at him across the aisles) that make me say this now. They would be right only in that through the readings and the songs I was exposed to Jesus' teachings, and the story of his life.

Very few people of any religion follow their religion's guidelines to the letter, I am no exception. As with many Jews, Catholics and Muslims, I too experience that communal guilt at not following every ritual and rule.

meaning of Muslim and Islam.

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