Monday, 2 April 2012

Good-for-nothing Galileo

I actually know very little about the man, apart from strands
of memory that must be from my schooldays. But recently,
I was thinking about him and wondering what it must have
felt like - to discover a wonderful, mind-boggling, life-altering
truth - and then be forced to deny it. So I scribbled down this
jolly little ditty as a way of leaving him not quite without
optimism, at least in my imagination. And then tonight I was
in a mood to doodle and colour and play with stencils,
 and this is the result.
Just in case the words aren't clear, or you can't see the doodle:

Good-for-nothing Galileo
gazed up at the sun.
Had a theory or two -
no wait! he had just one.
The world does not revolve
(he said) round us,
those little sparkles in the sky ..
those are the real big guys.
The earth revolves around the sun!

Blasphemer! How un-Christian!
They made him take back what he said.
But late at night
"Dear Lord," he said,
"I know what's true and so do You,"
and then he went to bed.


Souvik D. said...

wow...very nice..great effort :)

Arpita said...

Adorable doodle-poem :)

Anonymous said...

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