Monday, 16 January 2012

See Dick speak.

Say hello to Top Cop.
Say hello to the cop who's top of the cops.
(Hello Top Top Cop)

Top Cop says
women get raped because of the way they dress.
(Silly silly fashion victims)

Top Cop says
men rape when they eat food that gives good "josh" and makes them naughtier.
(Naughty naughty rapists)

Would Top Cop say
it was her own fault for being all dressed up and out so late?
(Pretty provocative Cinderella)

Would Top Cop say
those eleven men would have let her pass if they'd just had salad for dinner?
(Hearty hungry heterosexuals)

What WOULD Top Cop say
to that woman who was gang-raped on her way home from church after Midnight Mass on December 25th, 2011?
(Merry merry Christmas)

See Dick speak on Times Now TV

Click on the links above to read the news reports about Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police's views on rape

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