Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Angel tears

What makes angels cry? Is it something I've done or something I didn't?

The burning grief of phoenix and angel alike tell us that tears heal.

Is it in the dew? Sobs hidden in the thunder? Or sighs in the fog?

Stop being so bad or the angels will weep, they said, and the angel wept anyway.

Bad girls make them cry. That's what they said. 

When she wept the angels joined her.

"You bad little girl! Stop being so bad! The angels must be weeping!"

Yes. They weep for her.



Eccles said...

So beautiful. So true.
Yes. They weep for her.

elizabeth said...

She proved a great belief to everyone.

C.J. said...

Beautiful. Very insightful. Thank you!

Claire said...

Beautiful! I love this poetry. So powerful, really makes me question everything I believe to be true about life. Visit my blog :) I post about the mysteries of life :)

gallery said...

Very beautiful,deep meaning.Waiting for your more article

Jadey. said...

did you write this?
it's beautiful.

rameez said...

Awsome Blog...She proved a great belief to everyone.