Thursday, 26 February 2009

A new blog for Gladys

Gladys is growing up. She's still seven years old, but is obviously going through some adolescent pangs, because she's been insisting she needs her own space. She also assures me that this will lessen my workload (yeah, right) because from now on she will be taking care of her own afore-mentioned space, hence leaving me free to do other stuff.

Did I say 'space'? I meant spaces.

Gladys now has her own Facebook profile. You can find her there with a quick search for "Gladys Tonsils". I must say she's doing rather a good job of it. I'm beginning to think her FB page is more interesting than mine. It's all that clowny information she posts. Good stuff to go through.

And as of today, Gladys also has her own blog - click on My Nose Is Blogged to visit it. Right now she's back-dating to fill everyone in on her history. She's been doing a lot of hard work, going through our old diaries and blog posts. She says it must all be chronologically correct for when she becomes a legend one day.

Is this space enough for Gladys? I think not. She's already making scribbles for her own website. I'll keep you posted.

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