Monday, 12 January 2009


Sometimes I kill ants.
How then dare I ask my God
why innocents die?

I confess. If there's a lot of them, I might wash them away with water, or spray them with a pesticide, if they happen to be on "my" territory. Sometimes I'll just be sitting there, and one little ant will come trundling along, going about its own business, and I'll squash it with my finger. It's so easy. It's so insignificant.

They say God made us in His image. I hope He's nothing like us.


Slogan Murugan said...

Sad but true.

Chethana said...

i really hope he isn't.

googlyblogger said...

Nazu.. significance is such a relative thing. Liked your Haiku - quite a different slant.

I have a cartoon blog and received a few requests from readers to put on a cartoon on the Gaza conflict.. could not think of something appropriate so wrote a Haiku instead to which quite a few have responded with their own Haikus .. it would be great if you would share yours there if you have a moment.. it's on Haiku war - Gaza.

To share, the haiku I've published on my blog is:

at war with ego
for a peaceful life
all autumn leaves for winter

Richa said...


Unknown said...

A great post nazu.

zohra said...

after a long time I have returned to your site and this one really touched me. Ah, Haiku

The little knife
twists sharply
Spring wounds the earth
To flower

JMH said...

I don't know. It might be a real burden being a perfect god.