Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"Through the eyes of my lover ..

Finally! It took me four years to get over Bops. Then I met and fell in love with the sweetest man (who must remain unnamed!) and, but of course, my next set of poems were all inspired by him. I shall post these poems in order, over the next four days.

Through the eyes of my lover
my mirror lies to me
and I am all the woman I want to see
and my imperfections were meant to be.

Through his eyes I am much, much more.
I stand taller than before
he came.
He gives a name
to feelings I'd abandoned
and though he does not hold my hand
and leaves me to walk alone
I am never quite on my own.

(written at 8:36 p.m. on 11 March 1991)

There are a few little "secrets" hidden in this poem. I will leave them that way.

Come back tomorrow to read the next in this 'series'!

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